5 Talented Moncton Artists to Keep an Eye On

Last week we looked at 20 cool wall decorations to impress your friends but didn’t *gasp* include any local Moncton artists! Shame on us! To make up for it, here’s a look at a few local artists from right here in Moncton that have some really impressive, super creative, exceptionally talented work and are definitely worth checking out now and before you decorate your home.

Click on the artist’s name to visit their website (a new window will open). The descriptions of the artists have been taken from their website and the photos shown below artist’s name/description are also from the artist’s website.

Matt LeBlanc – “Matt LeBlanc creates modern, abstract paintings in a variety of shapes and sizes. His art fuses design, rich texture, colour, and proportion to complement each client’s decor.”

Matt LeBlanc

There’s one service Matt offers that’s pretty unique which I think a lot of parents would also find most excellent – he’ll get your kids involved in creating a work of art that matches your home decor: “Here’s a great way to decorate your home by letting your children be creative. This is a special project for my local clients. I offer a personalized consultation in your home to determine the size, the colours, and the best place to put your child’s first masterpiece. I will then add a background colour on a large canvas that will match your current décor, and then let your child add his or her own creative touch to it. This way, you have the ability to showcase your child’s creativity and still have it as part of your home decor.”

Matt LeBlanc kids decorate

Cecil D. Long – “Although Cecil’s work can be found in collectors homes worldwide, they can also be found locally at car dealerships, downtown restaurants and at The Greater Moncton International Airport, which showcases two 1 cubic ton sculptures.”

cecil d's


cecil d

Marc Little – “Marc Little is a published artist with many of his paintings distributed across the country. Marc receives oil portrait commissions year round, both private and official corporate works.”

Marc Little


Marc Little Portraits

Mario Doucette – “Mario Doucette is a Moncton, New Brunswick artist of Acadian descent. He is a painter who also works in video, digital animation, performance, and Super-8 filmmaking.”

Mario Doucette


Mario Doucette Paintings

Pascal Leo Cormier“Born in a small village north of New-Brunswick Canada during a November snow storm. Porcelain Clown Heart.”

Pascal Leo Cormier


Pascal Leo Cormier Art

We, unfortunately, couldn’t list every talented local artist who resides in Moncton. Did we miss someone who is totally worth a mention? Let us know by commenting below and don’t forget to let us know why the local artist is someone who deserves attention!

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