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5 'Dream Home' Spaces

March 15, 2012 – 9:19 am

Sometimes a little imagination is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to designing a custom home. But, when you’re busy worrying about paint colours and kitchen appliances it can be difficult to find time to come up with a “cool” and unique idea for your home. And so, we’ve done the work for you! Here [...]

Home Staging Tips & Techniques

December 6, 2010 – 11:39 pm

First impressions are everything, especially when you’re trying to sell your home. There are several home staging tips and techniques you can learn in order to make your home appeal to potential buyers. The ultimate goal to home staging is to create an environment that interests as many home buyers as possible, resulting in a [...]

Pre-Approvals 101: Everything You Need to Know about Mortgage Pre-Approvals

November 9, 2010 – 3:11 pm

(Source) Wondering if you qualify for a mortgage? Curious to know how much you’d be approved for? In this guest post, Kelly Sullivan, a mortgage specialist for the Bank of Montreal, answers all our Pre-Approval questions. Pre-Approvals – The Mystery Unravelled I hear from clients that they wanted to call me months ago but weren’t [...]

Tips on Renting Your Home

October 25, 2010 – 8:19 am

(Source) Renting out your property can be a great source of income, but you should make sure you’re prepared to take on such a responsibility. Here are some basic tips on renting your home, as well as some excellent resources to help get you started, including all the forms you’re going to need. Get references. [...]

Top 26 Home Organization Tips to Get Rid of Clutter

October 18, 2010 – 11:46 am

(Source) You’ve got junk drawers coming out the wazoo, your closets need rebar to keep ‘em closed, your family room looks like a bomb has exploded, and you need to let your loved ones know where you’ll be whenever you need to go into your kids’ bedroom so they can call in a search party [...]

The Benefits of Container Homes

September 27, 2010 – 9:01 pm

Container homes, also called shipping container homes or cargo container homes, are a very awesome idea and have many benefits, including: Affordability – Shipping container homes are way cheaper than your standard house, making home ownership a possibility to more people. Durability – Cargo containers have been built to withstand the elements of sea travel, [...]

Top 24 Things to Do to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

September 21, 2010 – 8:38 pm

(Source) The year’s coldest season is just around the corner, here’s a list of what needs to be done to get your home ready for winter. Autumn is officially here, which means winter is quickly approaching. It’s up to you whether you want to be the lazy grasshopper or the prepared ant (for you sadly [...]

Six Most Expensive Pieces of (Residential) Land in Moncton

September 7, 2010 – 2:30 pm

(Source) Thinking about purchasing a house in Moncton, New Brunswick and plan to spend a couple mil? If you’ve got the money, but haven’t considered the prospect of calling Moncton home, check out Why the City of Moncton, NB Rocks! And, if you’re planning on moving here, after purchasing one of these houses, it might [...]

9 of The Top US Home Builder Websites Reviewed

August 24, 2010 – 10:55 pm

Here are nine of the best US home builder websites you can’t help but drool over. Bowen Family Homes Bowen Family Homes started in 1969 by Rudy Bowen. Some years later, Rudy brought his son, David Bowen, and two son-in-laws, Tip Cape and Mike Phelps, on board. The website has a section called Home Buying 101 [...]

Top Celebrity Home & Garden Photos

August 6, 2010 – 12:45 pm

(Source) Why do we want to see celebrity home photos? Is it because we want a glimpse at what it’s like to be rich and famous, living the life of luxury? Perhaps our desire to see inside celebrity homes is to get ideas for our own home decorating attempts. Or, maybe, some of us are [...]

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