Guest Blog from DS&Co. Interiors: Decorating Tips For New Home Owners


We’re eager to share this decorating advice from Dominique Fournier, interior designer at DS&Co. Interiors! Keep reading for some first-class tips for your new home!

When moving into a new home, many people wonder how to begin turning their new house into a home that is beautiful, personal, and one that they can be proud of.

As much as you want your space to be beautiful, you have to make sure it is functional as well. Here are a few pointers that will make a big impact in your space:

As an interior designer, I always start filling the room with the fundamental pieces such as: your sofa, chairs, coffee table, etc. Don’t be afraid to play around with the layout; sometimes the most unlikely layout is the one that will look best in your space. My biggest advice is that your furniture is not meant to be put against the wall – many furniture designers are creating their pieces with the intention of showing the back, so don’t be afraid to show it!

When buying furniture, I always stick to neutral or basic colours because those pieces will be the ones that should last generations (if it’s built right). I know, I know, neutral colours don’t really sound exciting but instead of using those key pieces to show your personal touch, try showing it through throw pillows, throw blankets, trays, even books! Another way that you can display your personality in your space is with an area rug. It will help contain the area and tie in the elements of the room. So play with colours, patterns and different textures of fabric; it will make your room cozier.

Another aspect that is very crucial is lighting. The secret to great lighting in a room is it has to be soft, warm and welcoming. Using different heights like table lamps and floor lamps will soften the room. Take into consideration the focal points, the seating, and the colour scheme when choosing lighting; dark walls will absorb light and pale will reflect it. Dimmers should be your best friend – they will help create an ambiance; a certain warmth that you don’t normally get with a switch.

And to finalize your space, draperies or blinds can really change the whole room. I say depending on the use of the space, like the living room–which needs less privacy then a bedroom–you can just use drapery panels. Not every room needs blinds AND draperies. Drapes are not only functional but they are also decorative; so again, play with textures and patterns.

Hope these tips were helpful! Remember just have fun and let your personality shine through your space! D.


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