It’s a buyer’s market: Waiting to buy is a gamble.

Investopedia defines a Buyer’s Market as “A situation in which supply exceed demand, giving purchasers an advantage over sellers in price negotiations.”

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Across various markets in North America, people are holding out… waiting for a buyer’s market.  There are people sitting on their downpayment, right now, trying to time the market to ensure that they get best deal possible on their home purchase.  Good news Moncton- your time is now!

A buyer’s market is the very best time to be purchasing a new home- especially for those who do not have an existing home to sell.  The opportunity to secure great value is tremendous but the window could be short.  After all, what goes down will eventually come up.

As a shout out to the current market conditions, we are selling off our remaining 2012 inventory at last year’s prices!  This is an incredible opportunity to purchase before 2013 pricing is established.

Check out our remaining 2012 units- these homes will be our best deals of 2013 and won’t last long:

1 Caspian Court:$136,900.00

15 Caspian Court: $153,900.00

41 Caspian Court: $153,900.00

52 Caspian Court: $156,900.00

59 Caspian Court: $156,900.00

99 rue Mathias: $168,500.00

101 rue Mathias: $168,500.00

To learn more about these amazing homes, call Natalie (506-232-1276) today!





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