Meet the Team: Andrew Dunn

Meet Andrew Dunn–the kind of person we read books about how to be more like! This calm, even-tempered guy has been the location manager at Martell since 2010–which means he takes care of the customer from start to finish in Moncton, Mirimichi, and St. John. That may seem like a lot of time in the car, but it’s hardly traveling for this world adventurer. Andrew studied International Business in Cuba and has had plenty of adventures through the US and Europe.  To top that off, he once hitch-hiked from Sussex to Calgary just for something to do! He ended up employed, but eventually came back to the coast!


Andrew is the father of 13 year-old Jeremi–an aspiring archeologist and 6 year-old Zoey who either wants to be a waitress or chef. Like any good Maritimer, Andrew loves lobster, so I suspect Zoey will be learning how to cook garlicky, buttery lobster first thing!

When asked if he had some sort of nickname, Andrew drew a blank. However, when Natalie mentioned her favorite Andrew moment, I immediately pictured Phil Dunphy from NBC’s Modern Family! The team was at a trade show in Vegas trying to get everyone together, but Andrew was no where to be found. Eventually he was spotted getting a foot massage at a nearby spa! We asked if it was okay to post; he laughed and said “it felt really good!”

Here are a few extra-fun facts about Andrew:

Q. What’s your favourite type of wood?
A. Teak

Q. What’s colour do you prefer in the kitchen?
A. Yellow 

Q. If you could open a business anywhere, what and where would it be?
A. I would rent scooters in Costa Rica

Q. Do you prefer to get groceries at Super Markets or local markets?
A. Local

Q. Are you super brand loyal to any weekly purchase?
A. King Kole tea. I usually have it for breakfast with toast and boiled eggs.

Q. Favorite restaurant in Moncton, Mirimichi, & St. John?
A. Osaka Hibachi, The Rodd, & the St. John Ale House.

Q. Are you eyeing any new pieces of technology?
A. I’d like an iPad. They look cool.

Q. Are there any websites you can’t live without?
A. Kijiji. I’m always looking for something. I got a free piano once!

Q. Favorite band?
A. Pearl Jam


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