MHB TreeGO Adventure: Outdoor Obstacle Course & Zip Lining in Moncton

Martell Home Builders Team

The building season has been a busy one, so the Martell Home Builders team decided we needed to do a little something to help us blow off some steam. So, did we book ourselves into the spa for the day? Hell no! Did we go out for dinner and a movie? Phttt! Boring! We decided to go to TreeGO Moncton for a little fun (and maybe because we have a sick sense of humour and enjoy seeing fear in the eyes of our fellow co-workers).

TreeGO website

If you’re looking for an outdoor obstacle course or zip lining in Moncton, TreeGO offers activities for both adults and children. And, if you’re scouting out a place for corporate challenge obstacle courses, TreeGO has that too; they have group adventures and team building activities that can accommodate large groups (15+). Check out the TreeGO Moncton website for more info.

Here are some photos of our MHB TreeGO adventure:

From left to right: Dan Cormier, Kelly Zwicker, Pierre Martell and Bruno Poitras

MHB Team

Corporate Challenge Obstacle Courses

Zip Lining in Moncton


Outdoor Obstacle Course

TreeGO Moncton

Have you been to TreeGO or any other outdoor obstacle course or zip lines? We’d love to hear about your experience! Leave a comment telling us about it and, if you’ve got a link to some photos, share that too!

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