New Mortgage Rules… MHB Helps With Crazy Low Rates!

CMHC made some significant announcements last week that will impact home buyers buying power.  After July 9th, the maximum amortization allowed on a 5 year CMHC mortgage will be reduced from 30 years to 25 years… on a 3.25% mortgage, this will mean a monthly payment increase of approximately $78.00.  For more about these changes, you can read up here.

Well, we at Martell Home Builders, wanted to take matters into our own hands to help our clients keep their monthly payments as low as possible.


What did we do?  We reached out to the Moncton Mortgage community and pre-negotiated the best rates possible for our own clients.  HOW LOW DID WE GO??? Check out this video to see our lowest 5 year fixed rate!  Martell Home Builders Mortgage Rate Promotion: Summer 2012

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