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Meet Zia Martell!

We’re SO excited to introduce to you the newest member of the Martell team… Zia Martell!


Zia was born to Pierre and Jess on July 27th at 8:08 pm. Pierre laughs when he talks about the day Zia was born. He and Jess both being entrepreneurs, after realizing that the baby was on her way they both continued working from home (and during their visits to the hospital) not letting a little thing like emerging life get in their way ;) Jess did payroll and Pierre worked on building beautiful custom homes for people! Even better, they downloaded an app to track contractions while they waited! (I honestly didn’t even know that there was one!).

Jess working on her way to the hospital

When it comes to being an entrepreneur and a father Pierre describes it as… “a walk in the park”!  Contrary to the way some dads are thrown into fatherhood, to Pierre it’s in some ways like he’s being training for it his whole life. Both he and Jess are used to having to perform on little sleep because of the work it takes to close deals and generally manage a business. Staying up late at night for a baby is just part of the routine! (I think we’re all wishing we had had it that easy hah)

The hardest part about being a dad, Pierre says, is not being home to be a dad. While he still is lucky enough to be able to work from home more than many other people, Pierre still hold that the absolute best part of his day is getting to go home to his little girl.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your first introduction to little Zia and we’re sure you’ll be seeing more of the little princess!

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