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Top New Brunswick Business Blogs

Last year we brought you a list of the best overall blogs in New Brunswick. Here’s our selection of blog that focus on business issues from a New Brunswick or Canadaian. Where possible we’ve included links to their RSS, Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn sites so you can follow then with your preferred tools:

  • Women in Business New Brunswick: A site dedicated to woman business owners or entrepreneurs. Contains useful information on business resources, training and networking opportunities and access to funding.
  • Get Growing for Business: Scotiabank’s Get Growing for Business website is a dynamic online hub designed to give small-business owners helpful hints and advice that they can put to immediate use.
  • New Brunswick Business Journal: Not a blog per se, but the online version of a variety of newspaper concentrating on coverage of business issues throughout New Brunswick.
  • Small Business Canada: One of the rare About pages worth checking out. Susan has done a great job at collating everything you need to know to start and operate a small business.

Your Turn

Who’s your favourite New Brunswick business blogger? We’re always on the hunt for great blogs to follow. Leave a comment letting us know who we should add to our blog roll!

Top 10 New Brunswick Bloggers Worth Checking Out

Top New Brunswick Bloggers

With so many people blogging nowadays, the real good blogs can get lost in a sea of rubbishy ones. Here’s a look at some great New Brunswick bloggers that are worth bookmarking and subscribing to via email or RSS feeds – no matter what your interests may be.

Here are the top 10 New Brunswick bloggers, listed in alphabetical order:

1. Brian Branch

Brian is a Moncton graphic designer. His blog, which reads in both English and French, has some pretty great – and creative – photography definitely worth checking out.

Although you can share Brian’s blog posts via Twitter and Facebook, it doesn’t look like he has a Twitter or Facebook fan page (Psst! Brian – if this changes, let us know and we’ll be happy to update this with the details!). Click on his name above to visit Brian’s blog.

2. Brian Cormier

Brian’s blog is about social media; everything from blogging and Facebook to Twitter and YouTube is covered in Brian’s blog.

You can follow Brian on Twitter (@BrianCormier) or click on his name to visit his blog, where you can also find out how to follow him on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and subscribe to his blog via RSS feed.

Brian Cormier - New Brunswick Blogger

3. Chris Nadeau

Chris’ backgrounder reads: “Sharing my life experiences as a dad, husband, web entrepreneur and hockey dude.” What more could you ask for from a New Brunswick blogger?

Clicking on Chris’ name above will bring you to his blog, where you can get the details on how to follow him on Twitter (@cnadeau), Facebook, subscribe to his RSS feed, etc.

4. David Campbell

Next up on our list of top New Brunswick bloggers is David Campbell. David’s blog, called It’s the Economy, Stupid began in (copied from his blog) “October 2004 as a forum for discussion about economic development in New Brunswick and the Atlantic Provinces.  I felt then, as I do now, that economic development is not discussed widely enough in this province.  After over 2,000 posts and 5,000 comments and upwards of 6,000 readers in a month, I think it is serving its purpose.  Let’s have a conversation about economic development and ideas that can transform New Brunswick.”

There isn’t an obvious way to follow David on Twitter or Facebook, but you can subscribe to his blog via RSS feed by clicking on his name above.

Update: David’s Twitter is @jupia (thanks Jim!).

5. Deborah Carr

This freelance writer’s blog is called “What If?” And, according to Deborah, the blog consists of “musings in the middle of life.”

You can check her out by clicking on her name above, which will also provide you with a link to Deborah’s Facebook page.

Deborah Carr - New Brunswick Blogger

6. Gair Maxwell

Gair Maxwell is a New Brunswick blogger who calls himself unconventional. His blog is called The Seamless Brand, which contains “thought-provoking threads about remarkable people & brands.”

You can visit his blog and subscribe to it via email or RSS feed by clicking on his name above. You can also follow him on Twitter (@GairMaxwell).

7. James Mann

If you like gardening, here’s a blog that will interest you. James Mann blogs about pretty much everything to do with gardening. To give you an idea, here are a few of the categories within his blog: backyard gardening, composting, container gardening, garden tools, herb gardening, and gardening tips.

Click on James’ name above to visit this New Brunswick blog, and to get details on how to subscribe to his blog via RSS feed or email, as well as links to follow him on Twitter (@GardenMann), etc.


8. Matthew Klem

Despite the fact that the blog is called BobsRoom, the New Brunswick blogger is Matthew Klem, aka Zor. The blog has several topics and catergories, some of which are: Adventures, Photos, Bobcasts, and Games. Matthew’s Twitter bio says he’s a “Husband, dad, geek, geocacher, and oddball all wrapped into one small package.”

You can click on Matthew’s name above to visit his blog, or follow him on Twitter (@Zor_).

9. Stephen Brooks

A Director of Marketing, Stephen’s blog is about … well … marketing! Some of the blog categories include: Bad Marketing, Bar Management, and New Marketing Trends.

You can follow Stephen on Twitter (@sbroox) or click on his name above to visit his blog and to be directed to his Facebook, Flickr, and LinkedIn profile.

10. Martell Home Builders

Did you really think we would write a blog post on the top New Brunswick bloggers without including yours truly? Uh, yeah right! We blog about everything from tips on how to kill yourself on a snowmobile to moving tips to cram more crap in your car. While we’re doing a little shameless promoting here, a few other blog posts worth reading are:

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Of course, you can follow us on Twitter (@martellhomes) or click on our name above to visit our blog and subscribe to it via email or RSS feed, as well as follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

Favourite New Brunswick Blogger

Who’s your favourite New Brunswick blogger? We’re always looking for great local bloggers to follow, so make sure you leave a comment letting us know who your favourite is!

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