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7 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mom

Happy Mother's Day

Do you know that Mother’s Day is just around the corner? This year, Mother’s Day is on May.9th, which gives you about a week and a half to find or make a gift for her – and that’s if you’re reading this the day it was published. Yikes! Seriously dude, think of all the years your Mom devoted to you. From the pain of birthing you, to the sleepless nights when you were a child (and teenager!), to all the blood, sweat, and tears she’s shed for you over all the years of your life. Is it too much to ask you to honour her one day of the year? Are you feeling bad yet?

It’s up to you if you want to get sucked into the commercialism of Mother’s Day. You can get Mom the traditional card and flowers, take her out for lunch, buy her something she really wants, or if funds are tight, give her a homemade gift. Honestly, your Mom should love anything you give her. I think she’d rather a thoughtful homemade gift knowing you’ll still have money to pay the rent or mortgage! Whatever you decide on, here are seven last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Some of these gifts are more costly than others but all are very affordable, and some are homemade (making them free depending on the supplies you already have at home).

Free Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mom

Do the Dishes for Mom!

1. Help Out Around the House – Maybe it sounds lame to you, but I swear your Mom will love it. In fact, I asked one Mom – to protect her identity, I shall not provide names, let’s  just call her Kelly – what the best Mother’s Day gift is that she could receive (keep in mind that I didn’t say “free”, meaning she could have said she wanted a 60″ plasma TV) and you know what her answer was? “The best gift my kids could give me is a promise to help out around the house. Do the damn dishes or cook supper!” Bingo! “Kelly” nailed it on the head there! Wash the dishes, cook dinner, do some laundry, mow the lawn (unless that’s usually Dad’s chore, of course) … help out around the house so Mom can put her feet up for a while – she’ll love you for it and you won’t need to part with your beer money (or lunch money, depending on how old you are).

Gorilla Painting

2. Make Her Something – It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 55, if you make your Mom a homemade gift, she’ll love it. It doesn’t matter if whatever you make turns out looking like something a 400 lb. gorilla named Charles painted, Mom will love it if only for the simple fact of knowing you actually spent time on something whilst thinking of her. If you really want to make Mom smile, consider her hobbies and interests and make her something that’s related. For example, if your Mom loves photography or even just enjoys putting family photos on display, check out Top 5 Mothers Day Gifts – Affordable, Unique and All Photography Related for some last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas.

3. Coupon Booklet Full of I.O.Us – A completely free and easy-to-make last minute gift idea for Mom which combines both ideas listed above is a “coupon book” or “I.O.U” (“I owe you”) book. Cut strips of paper into coupon-sized piece and staple together to make a little booklet. Write up various “deals” your Mom can cash in on like a 20 minute foot rub or a dinner cooked by you. You can include I.O.Us that she can claim whenever she wants to, like promises to do the dishes, laundry, clean out the cat’s litter box, etc. If you need or want a template for this project, simply Googling “Mother’s Day coupon book” will provide several printable options. Two websites which have some Mother’s Day coupon book templates are Kaboose and Martha Stewart.com.

Very Affordable Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mom

4. Mother’s Day Apps – If Mom owns an iPhone or iPod touch, why not download some Mother’s Day related apps for her? Check out this list of Mother’s Day apps for ideas and suggestions.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

5. Pack a Picnic – The only cost for this one is the food and maybe a bit of gas money. Pack up a picnic and take Mom to one of her favourite places, like a local park or beach – and, if you need inspiration, remember that some of the best beaches in the world are right here in New Brunswick!

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mom

6. A Book and Bubble Bath – If Mom likes to read, an affordable last minute gift idea is to get her a book and bath stuff. Sure, the book would be okay on its own, but if you also get some bubble bath or floating candles, you’re suggesting she kick her feet up to relax in a hot tub to read her new book. Not sure what kind of book Mom likes to read? Why not get her a gift certificate to a local book store or for Amazon.ca?

7. Take Her Out – If packing a picnic isn’t something you think Mom would enjoy or the weather isn’t cooperating, there are plenty of other places you can take Mom on Mother’s Day that won’t be very expensive. Consider taking Mom to the movies (her choice of show, of course, and no complaining!), out for lunch or dinner, or even – gasp! – to the museum if that’s her thing. Remember, this day is about her!

What’s Your Mom Getting for Mother’s Day?

Have any of these last minute gift ideas inspired you? Already have plans of your own? How will you be honouring your Mom this Mother’s Day? Let us know by commenting below!

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