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Living Green: Laundry

Living an environmentally conscious life helps you to contribute to the sustainability of the environment and can also mean savings for you and your family (as your trim down on electricity usage, reuse items, and reduce the amount of waste that you create). This summer the Martell team wants to help you save money and save the environment! To do so, we’ll be bringing to you, throughout the summer, a number  of ways that you can make your home and your life more eco friendly.


Stop. It’s laundry time.

Doing laundry can be time consuming, money consuming, and energy consuming. Here are some great (and sometimes common sense) tips on how to get your clothes clean without breaking the bank (or the ozone layer). Remember, you may roll your eyes at some of the more “well known” tips but it’s never bad to be reminded that little changes can make a big change!


  1. Dry Those Clothes Outside, Silly! It’s summer which means the sun is shinning and it’s the perfect time to hang your clothes out to dry. Dyers use up so much energy that this quick (and easy) switch will help you save watts and wadds (of cash, that is).
  2. Turn Down the Heat – You may be noticing a bit of a theme here but heating things with electricity is expensive and sometimes wasteful. Turn your washing machine to “cold water” to save electricity that would have been spent heating the water .
  3. Use Eco Friendly Detergent – It may be a bit more of an investment but using natural detergents can will reduce your negative impact on the environment. Even making your own can be a great way to do your part.
  4. Reuse the Bottle – Instead of throwing out that detergent bottle why not turn it into something new! One way to reuse it is to (after rinsing it out) punch some holes in the lid and use it as a watering can for your garden! Check out this example from Pinterest:

5. Measure – We’ve all done it. You’re pouring out the detergent into the cap and one way or another it gets spilled.. or you pour in way too much. This not only creates a mess but it also means that your’re wasting the detergent that you paid for (and the more you have to buy it the more bottles you have, the more waste!). So, next time you’re pouring make sure there are no distraction and ALWAYS measure! (Hint: if you’re bad at measuring, like me, try out Dizolve pre-measured laundry sheets!)

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