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Save Your Marriage – Feng Shui Your Home

Want to keep the other woman — or man — out of your relationship? Just feng shui your bedroom!

According to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, how and where you place furniture and objects around your home will determine whether you will invite positive energy, or chi into your life or inadvertently let bad vibes sneak in through the front door.

Tips to feng shui your home:

• Clear the front entranceway of smelly shoes.

• Chi loves a clean and dust-free home — so get cleaning.

• Don’t let too much furniture block the flow of positive energy. Go for the Zen look.

• Place a water fountain or aquarium in your home to give chi staying power.

• Never mix fire and water. Keeping the stove away from the fridge, dishwasher and sink will create harmony.

• In a crowded room, hang a crystal ball or metal wind chimes to rid the space of stale chi.

• Make sure the head of your bed is against a solid wall for a better sleep.

• If you must have a TV in your bedroom, cover it up at night to keep bad energy away.

• Place a lot of mirrors around the house to reflect chi and keep it moving throughout the house.

Warning: do not place mirrors opposite your bed — unless you want to attract a third party to the relationship!

Do you have a feng shui tip that works for you?

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