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10 Moving Tips to Cram More Crap in Your Car

Top 10 Moving Tips

Nobody likes moving day, so why make it more painful than it needs to be? Whether you’re moving down the road or across the country, there always seems to be last minute items that missed getting stuffed into the boxes that went with the moving truck. Here are some helpful moving tips so you can cram as much crap as possible into your car.

1. Clean out your car first – Before you even begin packing your car, clean it out first. Those stinking McDonalds bags and mouldy Tim Horton’s coffee cups are only taking up much needed space.

2. Get creative with your underwear – Okay, maybe not your underwear, but use towels, cloths, t-shirts and other material to wrap around fragile items. This way, you are putting these items to good use and saving on space.

3. Use plastic or cloth bags – Stuff non-breakable items into bags rather than boxes. Why? Bags are more flexible than boxes, so when you’re cramming crap into your car, you’ll be able to get more in.

4. Pack the boxes first – If you have a mixture of boxes and bags, pack the boxes first and then squish the bags in after.

5. Another good use for your underwear – Once you have all the larger items crammed into your car, stuff socks, teddy bears, and other small (unbreakable) items into the gaps wherever you can. You should do this when packing boxes too. Any extra space in boxes should be stuffed with stuff.

Packing Tips

6. Put your luggage to good use – Nothing should go into the car empty. Cram whatever you can into suitcases, coolers,  and other empty bulky items. Don’t forget to utilize your handbag, purse, and the car’s glove box, middle console, and even the spare tire compartment if possible.

7. Look under the seat – Small things like books, DVDs, magazines, divorce papers, etc. can fit under the seats of your car quite nicely.

8. Hang stuff when possible – Cram stuff into cloth bags and hang them from the back of the seat’s headrest, or from the roof handles above the back seat (I’m not sure what they’re called. My family refers to them as the “holy sh** handles”, because that’s what you’re usually saying when you need to grab ’em).

9. Put your Tetris skills to good use – All those hours you spent in the 90s playing Tetris were not in vain. When you’re packing your car, pretend you’re playing Tetris and I bet you’ll cram a lot more in!

10. Throw the crap away – Of course, the best moving tip to cram more crap into your car is to throw the crap away! At the very least, throw out the junk you really, really don’t need so you can fit the crap that you do! If you just can’t part with some of your belongings, why not give it to your ex-roomy so you can steal it back later?

Tips on how to pack a car

Got some moving tips?

Do you have any moving tips that enable you to stuff as much junk as possible into your car? Let us know by commenting below!

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