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Put Money In Your Pocket: See Moncton’s First EcoPlusHomes

Money In Your Pocket

“Join us this Sunday and step inside our first EcoPlusHomes in Moncton”

– Pierre Martell

Sunday August 21 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Sterling Meadows development on MacCoun Street, just off the old Shediac Road in Moncton

This Sunday we’re excited to host a special event with launching the province’s first ECOmmunity – featuring two EcoPlusHomes constructed by our team in the past couple of months.

From 1pm until 4pm, visitors will be able to tour the homes and talk with industry representatives about the energy efficiencies and how they literally put money in your pocket as a homeowner.

The high EnerGuide scores of 93 or greater, have earned each home a $7,500 energy efficiency incentive rebate – the maximum available from Efficiency New Brunswick for new-home construction.

These carbon-conscious homes can save their owners $3,500 in energy costs and reduce green house gases by more than 80% each year – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Resale values for EcoPlusHomes should also be accelerated as North American energy costs continue to rise in the years to come.

Depending on your energy-use habits, these homes can also help pay down your mortgage faster than if you build or buy a home with conventional energy efficiency standards.

Each of the Sterling Meadows EcoPlusHomes is constructed using two airtight modular sections in partnership with Fredericton-based Maple Leaf Homes. The home itself is powered by a network of integrated renewable energy sources from Bosch of Germany – helping to redefine the future of sustainable homebuilding.

As Pierre Martell points out, “Depending on the energy consumption habits of its eventual owners, Moncton’s EcoPlusHomes have the potential to be “net-zero” – meaning their photovoltaic solar panels generate at least as much electricity as the homes and their occupants consume.”

Axel Lerche, President of EcoPlusHomes has worked directly with Martell Home Builders to ensure these homes exceed industry standards while remaining affordable and accessible, to the public and the eco-conscious developer.

“It is our sincere hope that citizens, developers and municipalities across North America will look to the EcoPlusHomes in Moncton’s Sterling Meadows as a meaningful, practical example of how best to meet the growing demand for cost and energy-efficient housing that reduces electrical demand and green house gas emissions, and saves people money.” said Lerche.

The Martell Home Builders ECOmmunity will be open for public tours from 2-4 pm every Sunday beginning August 21, 2011. For a private tour please contact Natalie Davison at 506-232-1276 or natalie@themartellexperience.com.

For general information contact:

Natalie Davison, Martell Home Builders



An Introduction to Net-Zero Energy Homes

Net-Zero Energy Home

(Image Source)

Do you know what a net-zero energy home (NZEH) is or what the benefits of building/owning a NZEH are?

NZEH … with emphasis on the “EH”

Eh? So you’ve heard people talk about net-zero energy homes, NZEH for short, but you’re still left scratching your head wondering what the heck these homes are. Sure, you can make some sort of assumption based on its name, but if you’re still wondering what exactly the term means, here’s an explanation from ZeroEnergyHousing.org:

“Zero Energy Housing (ZEH) is a term applied to a house or residential development that produces as much energy from renewable sources at it consumes on an annualized basis. The Zero Energy Housing project focuses on grid-tied developments that both draw energy as required and feed excess energy back into the grid for others to use.”

In other words, net-zero energy homes are built to utilize green technologies which make it possible to harvest energy on location which can then be distributed to others to use.

What are these green technologies?

The technologies that a net-zero energy home incorporates include:

  • Passive solar
  • Solar domestic hot water
  • Solar electricity, also called photovoltaic (PV)
  • GeoExchange technology

For a detailed look at these technologies, check out the Net-Zero Energy Home Coalition website.

The benefits

Although net-zero energy homes have a higher initial cost of building, there are numerous advantages to building/owning a NZEH. According to Wikipedia, these benefits include:

  • isolation for building owners from future energy price increases
  • increased comfort due to more-uniform interior temperatures (this can be demonstrated with comparative isotherm maps)
  • reduced requirement for energy austerity
  • reduced total cost of ownership due to improved energy efficiency
  • reduced total net monthly cost of living
  • improved reliability – photovoltaic systems have 25-year warranties – seldom fail during weather problems – the 1982 photovoltaic systems on the Walt Disney World EPCOT Energy Pavilion are still working fine today, after going through 3 recent hurricanes
  • extra cost is minimized for new construction compared to an afterthought retrofit
  • higher resale value as potential owners demand more ZEBs than available supply
  • the value of a ZEB building relative to similar conventional building should increase every time energy costs increase
  • future legislative restrictions, and carbon emission taxes/penalties may force expensive retrofits to inefficient buildings

Would you pay to save?

What do you think about net-zero energy homes? The Net-Zero Energy Home Coalition’s vision statement says “All new home construction meeting a Net-Zero Energy Home Standard by 2030.” Do you think this will happen or do you think that’s being a little overly optimistic? Leave a comment to share your thoughts!

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