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‘No Kill’ Means A Bigger Bill: Kent County Aminal Rescue

Compassion costs. It costs time, it costs money, and it costs effort.  This is true for the Kent County Animal Rescue (KCAR) which is an organization founded on a deep compassion for our four legged friends.

Recently, a valued Martell Homes customer brought a very special organization to our attention, the KCAR. Unlike other shelters, the KCAR is a ‘no kill’ shelter. The shelter’s mission is to help “abused, neglected, and abandoned animals”. The dedication, passion, and love of the management is what drives their commitment to the ‘no kill’ policy which ensures that no animal is left behind… But the reality is that this compassion costs.

From February 24th until March 4th at midnight the KCAR will be holding an online auction in order to raise funds required by the organization. The money raised will go towards buying the pet food, medicine, and vet services that these animals need. If you are interested in either donating an item to be auctioned or bidding on items, head to the auction facebook page. 100% of the proceeds will go to the KCAR and truly every dollar helps. So, start bidding!

Compassion costs, but the reward of helping to save a life (even if that life is covered in fur) is well worth it.


How are you showing compassion in your life?


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