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Moving To Moncton Mondays #2: Cottage Country

Thanks so much for checking out our second instalment of Moving To Moncton Mondays! Oh, wait… is it Tuesday?  Well, hopefully you were all having WAY too much fun over the long weekend to be on social media in the first place!  Our family spent the long weekend being tourists in our backyard with trips to Fundy, Parlee Beach and the Neptune Drive-In.

One of the most amazing things about living in the Moncton Area is the fact that an average person can be a cottage owner. If you dream of owning your own vacation getaway, be it lakeside or oceanfront, the affordability of cottages in the Moncton area can’t be beat.  I’ll take a look at two prime cottage areas that are easy commutes to Greater Moncton.

Shediac, NB 

Seaside town of Shediac, NB is known for having the warmest waters North of The Carolinas (yes, THAT warm).  If you’re looking for a cute cottage community, Shediac may be for you.  With various beaches, marinas and restaurants, life in Shediac feels like being on vacation every day.  And, to top it off, Shediac is only 21 minutes from downtown Moncton meaning that many cottagers actually move to the cottage for the entire summer as it’s an easy commute into work every day.  After all, we don’t have traffic here… remember last week’s post?

Sound like paradise?  Hop on to www.realtor.ca and search recreational properties under $100k.  You’ll quickly see that cottage life is much more possible than you may realize.

Grand Lake Area, NB

Perhaps you’re a laker at heart. Well, New Brunswick has you covered.  My own favourites include Grand Lake & Washademoak Lake.  While lake country is a little further away than the beach, (1-2.5 hours from Moncton) you can be on your dock much faster than in most cities and, again, the drive is much more stress-free than the usual city grind.  Prices are a little higher than most beach towns as well however, you can still be on the water under $100k… a great investment as waterfront property becomes more and more scarce.

If you’re considering moving to the area, I highly recommend you consider New Brunswick’s cottage country for your next vacation!  You can snatch up a rental at http://www.cottagesincanada.com/cottage-rentals/new-brunswick

Local readers… do you cottage?  If so, where?



New Brunswick Staycations

Photograph of the Fairmont Algonquin Resort

The Fairmont Algonquin Resort (Source)

New Brunswickers know we live in a special place. However, many of us are too busy in our daily lives to truly appreciate it. When we have time to relax and take a vacation, we often head straight for the airport and travel to other places, leaving the province behind.

This summer why not change this?

Instead of dealing with the frustrations of air travel—escalating airfares, increased security measures and frustrating delays—plan a staycation and be a tourist in your own province. After all, New Brunswick is home to some of the most spectacular natural wonders, lively cities and eclectic cultures in the world.

Here are three New Brunswick stay-cations to consider:

Cities and Culture

Get re-acquainted with New Brunswick’s urban vitality. The province’s vibrant cities offer everything from fabulous farmer’s markets to unique architecture, vibrant nightlife and fascinating people. Take a long weekend and spend a night or two in Fredericton and Saint John. Along the way you can take in some of our heritage at sites like Kings Landing and Londonderry Church.

Acadian Beach Tour

You don’t have to travel to Florida or the Rivera to visit some amazing beaches. The Acadian coast is home to some great beaches nestled in some of the worlds most breathtaking scenery. Take a trip up the coast, enjoy the warmest saltwater beaches north of Virginia, and explore the hidden treasure along the way. Suggested stops include Parlee Beach Provincial Park, Kouchibouguac National Park and Escuminac Beach near Miramachi. Before turning back, be sure to stop at Chaleur Bay. It’s been recognized internationally as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Unwind at the Algonquin

Sometime you just want to relax and be pampered. The Fairmont Algonquin is the perfect place for this. Located in Canada’s first seaside resort town, the Algonquin has been providing impeccable hospitality to visitors from near and far since the 1880s. Spend a weekend and take in the beautiful grounds, play a round of golf by the sea-side, luxuriate in the hotel spa or simply bask in the Maritime sun. Your body and spirits will thank-you.


Vacations don’t need to be stressful, expensive or time-consuming. Taking a stay-cation in New Brunswick is a great way to escape the daily grind, cut loose and get reconnected with the wonderful province we live in.

What’s your Favorite Staycation?

These three suggestions are just the beginning. There are many more amazing sights to see and places to visit in New Brunswick. We’d love to hear what your favorite local vacation spot is. Please let us know in the comments.

Top 7 Beaches to Visit in New Brunswick

The Best Beaches in New Brunswick, Canada

According to New Brunswick’s official tourism website, the province has the hottest summers and sunniest winters in all of Canada. This fact alone makes it a no-brainer that New Brunswick is going to be an ideal place to hit the beaches. Couple this information with the fact that the province has some of the warmest waters north of Virginia, long sandy beaches and stunning scenery and it’s obvious why New Brunswick’s beaches are a vacationer’s dream and a local’s perfect escape. Here are the top 7 beaches in New Brunswick and perhaps all of North America, starting with #7 and working our way to the top.

Lighthouse, New Brunswick, Canada


7. Anchorage – A ferry crossing from Blacks Harbour will take you to Grand Manan Island, home of Anchorage Beach. With beautiful sandy shores to walk along or lay out a beach blanket, Anchorage Beach is a great way to spend the day whether you’re a local or just visiting. For the more adventurous, Anchorage Beach is a great place for kayaking or canoeing, where you can take in the great scenery of the Bay of Fundy. Anchorage Beach is unsupervised, so make sure to bring your water wings.

6. Indian Point Beach – At low tide, Indian Point Beach is a fantastic place to explore and discover sea life in rocky tidal pools. Located in St. Andrews, Indian Point Beach is just an hour’s drive from Saint John, New Brunswick. In addition to the beach, the local town offers an impressive amount of recreational activities (both land and water) for the entire family, including a world class golf course.

Top Beaches in New Brunswick

5. Jardine Municipal Park – Put on your flip-flops, slap on the sunscreen and load the kids and dog in the car to go spend the day at Jardine Municipal Park. This place has pretty much everything you’d need or want for a day at the beach, from washrooms, showers and food services, to barbeque facilities, picnic areas and a playground for the kids. What’s more is Jardine Park has some of the warmest waters north of Virginia, so you don’t need to freeze your arse off to enjoy some Canadian ocean swimming.

4. Grande-Anse Beach – This beautiful sandy beach has a playground for the kids, picnic area, volleyball court, change houses, washrooms and food services. The Grande-Anse Beach is less than 2 km from the local village and a short walk to the Popes Museum, the only museum of its kind in North America where you can learn about the past 262 popes, 2000 years of Christian history and view some papacy-related art.

Murray Beach, New Brunswick, Canada

3. Murray Beach – Dubbed as one of New Brunswick’s best-kept secrets, Murray Beach offers warm waters, sandy shores and breathtaking views. Campers can take advantage of the awesome seaside campsites offered by Murray Beach Provincial Park or, if you aren’t the tenting kind of person, there are also a few cabins available too. Nearby lighthouses and covered bridges are a landscape photographer’s dream, especially during the golden “magic” hours of sunrise and sunset.

2. Aboiteau Beach – Nestled right in the heart of Arcadia, Aboiteau Beach has an amazing 5 km of sandy shoreline. Whether you want to relax and work on your tan or need an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Aboiteau Beach is the perfect place to get away.

Parlee Beach, New Brunswick, Canada

1. Parlee Beach Provincial Park – The best beach in New Brunswick has to be Parlee Beach Provincial Park. Why? Parlee Beach has something for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for in a beach. Sandy beaches, warm waters, daily scheduled sports activities, supervised swimming…the list goes on and on. The campground offers all the amenities you’d need, from washrooms and showers to a restaurant, canteen, picnic area and playground. All within 2.5 km of Parlee Beach, you’ll find spectacular restaurants, B&B’s and other accommodations, and even the world’s larger lobster sculpture. Parlee Beach isn’t just the best beach in New Brunswick, it is also perhaps one of the best beaches in Canada.

Got a favourite?

Given that New Brunswick is a coastal province, there are a plethora of beaches of all shapes and sizes. This list is far from exhaustive. Do you have a favourite New Brunswick beach that wasn’t mentioned here? If so, let us know which one and why it’s your favourite beach of New Brunswick.

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