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Moving To Moncton Monday: Take It Outside (Your Skating That Is)

There is something whimsical about strapping on a pair of skates and taking it outside, isn’t there?  One of my absolute favourite discoveries about Moncton has been the abundance of outdoor skating rinks!  In fact, there’s one just two blocks from my home, in gorgeous Victoria Park.

While weather outside can have so many of us wanting to pull up the covers and zone out to Netflix, outdoor skating has some amazing benefits!  In addition to the calories burned and the balance control, getting outside in the winter also helps with depression.  Seriously, how many people have you ever seen on skates with a frown? (The NHL aside).

Take a drive around the city after school or on the weekend and you’ll see kids & adults alike, gathering to share some winter fun!

So, where are Moncton’s rinks?  According to the City of Moncton, they are in almost every neighborhood:

Outdoor Rinks

Mapleton Place (90 Candlewood Drive)

Prince Edward Park (25 Burlington Avenue)

Sunny Brae Park (45 Centre Street)

Hamilton Heights Playground (120 Evergreen Dr)

Roxborough Park (140 Barrington Crescent)

Other Outdoor Rinks:

Centennial Park Pond
Centennial Park Kaboom Rink
Mapleton Park
City Hall
Victoria Park (Weldon at John Street)

Have you been using any of our city’s outdoor rinks?  Which is your favourite and why?

Take It Outside! Moncton’s Outdoor Rink Locations


Baby it’s cold outside! Lucky are Monctonians to live in an area with no shortage of outdoor fun options- for kids and grown-ups alike.

This year, the City Of Moncton has increased the number of outdoor rink locations for your skating pleasure & I have to admit, it puts a smile on my face to see kids outside on the ice.  I learned to skate on a pond in Moncton and there is truly nothing like an afternoon spent on an outdoor rink. So, get your kids off the couch and on the ice… they’ll thank you for it & you’ll probably enjoy it as much as they do.

From the City of Moncton website:

Outdoor Rinks

Grove Hamlet (39 Ripplewood Road)

Mapleton Place (90 Candlewood Drive)

Prince Edward Park (25 Burlington Avenue)

Boys & Girls Club Moncton/Renton Park (280 Noël Street)

Sunny Brae Park (45 Centre Street)

Lewisville Park (Edgehill & Willowbend Drive)

Beechwood Community (Joyce Avenue)

Other Outdoor Rinks:

  • Centennial Park Pond
  • Centennial Park Kaboom Rink
  • Mapleton Park
  • City Hall
  • Victoria Park (Weldon at John Street)

Indoor Rinks:

  • Redball Internet Centre
  • Crossman Community Centre-Kay Arena





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