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20 Cool Wall Decorations To Impress Your Friends

Sure, framed family photos can look good hanging on your wall, but how unoriginal is that? If you want to really impress your friends with some cool wall decorations, check these out!

(Note that clicking on the image will bring you to the source)

Wall Decorations for the Living Room

Not sure how the following will impress, it’s just cool is all. Nice moosh-tash meester!

Mustache Wall Decor

Who wouldn’t love to have a giant tulip in their living room?

Tulip wall decor

The next one uses your own lip prints!

kiss wall decor

Wall Decorations for the Kitchen



Hmm. Not sure if this next one is my style, though it is a cool concept. What do you think?



modern bright interior

Wall Decorations for the Bathroom

Okay, so this next one might not have been designed for the bathroom, but don’t you think it would look fantastic hanging above your toilet?

Never never never give up

3D dragonflies. Gotta’ love ’em.

Dragonflies wall decor

Wall Decorations for the Bedroom

Mirror stickers are great for those who love shiny things.


Like the lips shown above, these next two wall decorations are created using your very own DNA. Now that’s one-of-a-kind art that will surely impress your friends!

Fingerprint art

DNA portraits

Wall Decorations for the Kids Room


Dog Plug Wall Sticker

…and for those who aren’t into the cutesy-wootsey wall decorations:

Cow Butt Wall Plug Sticker

This next one doubles as a chalkboard. How cool is that?

chalkboard skateboarders

These shelves look way better than standard shelves and would look good in any room:


Peek-a-boo! Brings a whole new meaning to the monster in the closet, doesn’t it?

Peeking Guy wall decor

This next one was found on a website called newhouseofart.com. Is it just me, or should they have thought of a better name for their website address? Sometimes it’s difficult to determine where the break in words should be, no? New House O’ Fart has some great wall decor (it doesn’t stink, I swear)…


The next one speaks for itself.

Princess wall decor

Wall Decorations for Elsewhere

Not sure what room this could go in, but if you can make it work…


The swords in the next one double as letter openers. Who doesn’t love it when they find a human skull that is also practical?


Which of these is your favourite wall decoration? Could you see yourself using any of these in your house?

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