Using Pinterest to Build Your Dream Home

Building or even redecorating a home usually means one thing: magazines everywhere. Stacks of House and Home in the hallway and piles of Home and Garden fill the living room. By the time your new house is ready, your hands are covered in paper cuts from sifting through, and organizing magazine clippings to show your builder… And that’s where Pinterest comes in.

Pinterest is the newest and hottest internet tool for saving and storing your inspiration online. Whether you’re following fashion trends, looking for a recipe, or building and decorating your home, Pinterest is there to help you keep track of all of the images and websites in which you find inspiration.

So, How does it work? Well, after having been invited to the site you set up your profile so that you can connect with others. Once you are set up you create ‘pinboards’ to which you will ‘pin’ things. For example, if you create a “wall paper” or “kitchen” pinboard when you found a picture of a great paisley wallpaper or a beautiful retro kitchen, you  pin them to their respective categories. When you ‘pin’ something it just means that you organize that image (and it’s URL) to a certain folder in the same way that if you were searching through House and Home and found a picture of your dream master bedroom, you would cut it out and put it in a “master bedroom” folder with all of your other ideas. Here is an idea of what your ‘boards’ will look like:

And ‘inside’ a pinboard:

This tool is perfect for those of us who are looking for inspirations whether it’s for clothes, food, fitness, or for our homes. So go ahead and request  your invitations today. You’ll love how easy it is to find and keep track of all of cool ideas for your home.

How do you use Pinterest?

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